If armed police raided your house

Through the front door what’s your go to escape route to go on the run from?

Simple back door, through a window, or, even more exciting, do you have a third door out?

Back door, to the bottom of the garden, over that fence, head to the left and onto the road there. Take hostages.

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great thread - think about this quite a lot.

bedsheet rope down the balcony at the back - 2 levels and needs a bit of prior planning, but there isn’t a massive alternative unless I jump into the little courtyard thing in the middle of the apartment block and book it through one of the windows into another flat.

through my skylight slide down the roof, through the hedges around the back

You should buy yourself a rope ladder for this. They’re easy to store and you can just roll it out when you need to leg it.


I’m up in an attic flat so I’d have a few moments hearing them bust the front door.
My bedroom goes out onto the roof so that’s my best bet

The obvious escape route is back door, climb the aviary, hop the fence, and through the park, but I feel like they’ll be waiting for me at the other end of that. Might be better off hugging the fence and following that round to the backs of the houses there, but at some point I’d need to come out on the main road and I’d be pretty visible.

always the guy incognito option too


All of my escape routes on the ground floor are right next to the front door (patio door and kitchen window). Can’t get through the bathroom window and can’t reach the window above the stairs. Could potentially get out of the velux in the bedroom, but the drop off the roof is a way down, and goes straight onto the main road where they’d have parked their vans and shit. Pretty buggered really.

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Through the French doors at the back, reckon I could kick them open if locked, over the fence, to the bus stop, wait for a bus.

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bit conspicuous though innit. what if big rope ladder grass me up to the cops.

Actually the least predictable way would be through the aviary into next door’s back garden and continue along that way. Less exposed.

do you store a rudimentary weapon in your bedroom? (golf club, kitchen knife, cricket bat etc)

  • Yes
  • No

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I have a penis if that’s what you’re asking


Top room, out of the velux, scramble down to the roof of the offshot kitchen, hop on to nextdoor’s kitchen, get down then out through the ginnel shared between them and 2 doors down

I’ve nothing to hide.

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But you’ve been set up. You’ve no choice but to run

I’d have to jump out of my bedroom window (I’m on the first floor), I’d almost certainly break something and lay in a crumpled heap in the communal car park.

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Got a hatchet in a downstairs cupboard. Couldn’t even chop wood with it mind you so it’s not likely to be much help at going full Gimli

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Running only adds to the assumption of guilt