If Benjamin were an ice cream flavour, he'd be pralines and dick

How’s your ice cream game at the moment?

I’m a big fan of the alpro salted caramel one (dairy free, obvs).

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Currently digging:

Plain mackies with some fruit chucked in it
Mint choc chip from the ice cream shop in Castleton
Anywhere that does stem ginger ice cream because its the best



My favourite type of ice cream is the type that I made once that was rose water and pistachio and had bits of chopped up Turkish Delight and dark chocolate in it.

My favourite off-the-shelf is “honeycomb”

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Got a tub of dairy free Ben & Jerry’s fudge brownie in the freezer, although I generally forget to actually eat any unless I use @anon89873996 as a helpful human alarm.

Going to a Big Tesco later, if it’s on offer again I might pick up another one. Quite fancy the peanut butter one. Wish they did the birthday cake one as DF tho.

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still living that halo top life after my boy 'spresso tipped me off

peanut butter cup is


I’m not a fan of the DF Ben & Jerry’s, they’re too different to the proper stuff and it makes me sad and resentful.

I’ve not found anything like it in DF form. Annoying.

Halo top done fucked up the game


Had a black coconut mother fucker (with liquorice) the other week, Jude’s.

It is fucking good!


Thinking of changing my nail colour soon.

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How were your stools after that?

The dairy free versions are WANK

My commiserations

Was really excited to try these, but they don’t taste like real ice cream do they? They go all watery and thin at the end.

Thank you, cow licker

Same shade as my nob

Bought a ‘double caramel’ Magnum and oh my it is utter filth. chocolate then a layer of caramel and then essentially a whole new Magnum under that layer. Just silly.


Sainsbury’s had these craft Italian ice creams that I bought on Thursday and have been really into. They’ve got chunks of chocolate and nuts on top of vanilla ice cream, and the cone has a solid lump of chocolate at the bottom. Belissimo!

Edit: found a pic of them

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same, I can resist most things if I’m being good but ice cream, forget it.

Ice cream cones

  • The best bit!
  • Shit for cunts

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How’s a fork going to help you there mate


Depends on the type of cone of course.

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