If Discourse introduced the technology to like your own posts

would you do it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’d say no, but secretly I would
  • Only if no-one else could see that I’d done it, but just saw the numbers
  • Yes, even if no-one else could see that I’d done it and there were no numbers
  • I’d say yes, but secretly wouldn’t
  • Depends if it was any good

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early Flaming Lips drafts etc etc

could we also add;

  • yes, by accidentally clicking while looking to see who else had liked the post with my stupid big fat penis fingers on mobile
  • as above

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I already do using an alt account

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I’m actually also @zxcvbnm2

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Oh wow

great minds

Should introduce a ‘Joker’ like which, twice a year, allows you to double the likes on any particular post, including your own


I have been guilty of liking my own Facebook posts in the past.

I can already like my own posts as part of my DiS Premium(r) membership.

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I don’t like my own posts, I fucking LOVE them!


If discourse could invent that sort of tech, I think they would have by now. No I think this sort of thing is a long long way off. Maybe with the advent of quantum computing?


Think of it like nuclear power. Liking someone else’s posts is nuclear fission, liking your own is nuclear fusion. We’re years away

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might create some Alts to bump up my Dis does art numbers - it’s brutal in there

Spent about two minutes trying to match up B I T T to either of the things you wrote…

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Did you regularly come into a sandwich shop in Rose Crescent in Cambridge the mid-late 90s?

I worked downstairs so never saw him, but one customer was referred to by the people on the counter upstairs as penisfingers. Was it you?

Fingers growing out of his penis tip


a ‘dislike’ button so you can let people know their posts are trash

  • no that’s mean :frowning_face:
  • only for japes’ posts

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Like some form of sea anemone.