If humans were smaller

…like, squirrel-sized on average, would things have went much the same way? Would we have tiny cities and tiny cars and tiny fairgrounds and tiny warehouses?

I assume we would have had to position things a bit better so dogs or tigers can’t torment us, so maybe we’d be up high or in caves, but maybe we’d build defensive structures to help with all that. Would technology have went a similar way though?


do they have tiny cars in Lord of the Rings? there’s your answer

Don’t think the hobbits bothered with driving because none of them are ever in a fit state

Never seen it

all hail emperor Pidgeon

It doesn’t bear thinking about

Too late, I need to know if we’d have developed a similar telecommunications network. Would we have launched tiny satellites?

Presume we wouldn’t have the necessary raw materials as it would take fucjing ages to dig them out of the ground

Also we’d get absolutely bullied by ants, even at squirrel size

Didn’t there used to be massive animals in pre-historic times? I think if anything, rather than making adjustments for bigger animals, we’d kill them. Then eat them

We could have pet ants

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I reckon we’d have to have expended too much effort into avoiding predators to evolve to be clever enough to have advanced technology. Like, there was a period where we invented spears and arrows and stuff that would have allowed us to defend ourselves from lions and wolves. How do you defend yourself from a wolf with a spear (you, not the wolf) when you’re 6 inches tall?

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maybe one of those enourmous crossbows you get on wheels

No, things would be significantly different.

Yeah that would probably do it, except we’s never get past the pointy stick stage of weapon development because at that size, there’s too big a gap between technology that’s next to useless and technology that would actually stop you getting eaten. So we’d get stuck with the former and never develop the latter.

maybe we’d develop targeted micro nuclear weapons


We’d all be smol beans uwu


Unless you’re saying there’s less of a developmental gap between pointy sticks and nukes than between pointy sticks and crossbows, I think that would have the same issue

hmm i see what you mean.
perhaps our tiny-ness would encourage us to focus on harnessing the latent power of the brain and we’d be able to move things (like massive rocks etc) with our minds, or simply look at a bear and make it’s neck snap. stuff like that.

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Obviously squirrel-sized people launching tiny satellites sounds RIDICULOUS but on the cosmic scale satellites are tiny already. So when you think about it like that it’s actually entirely plausible.

Are we human or are we smaller?