If I bought a train on eBay

Is there anywhere I could use it?

I mean, let’s say I’m willing to pay the fees to run it on other people’s tracks, but is it even technically possible?


Do a bit of tinkering and stick a steering wheel in and just use it on the road.

Maybe stick some tyres on the wheels, or the council might get a bit cross.


That’s an interesting question. Would be great. You could build your own sidings in your garden and just hop on the train to places.


You’re sensible to ask the question, you don’t want to buy a


Like this?

Last time I was at the Midland Railway Centre for Indietracks I went on the museum tour. They showed us a carriage they’d been restoring, apparently they found it at a little sports club where it had been converted into a changing room.

If it was in working order, in the correct gauge, running off the correct power source for that line, and you met all the requirements for insurances, driving ability etc, then yes you could buy slots as an ‘Open Access Operator’


Awesome. If I was rich, I’d buy a house with a massive garden so I could have an old tube carriage as a summer house.

Very occassionally you get old station buildings come up for sale. Quite often they have a carriage or two in the grounds that have been converted into holiday cottages.

It sounds like a nice way to live, if you can get the custom in:



the idea of you knowing this beforehand has completely done me :smiley:

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I bet if you bought the signallers a case of Stella between them, they’d let you go wherever, whenever.

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I rushed into the thread but was beaten to it. @profk

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I don’t know why I’m owning up to this, but my uncle has a miniature steam train line (big enough to ride on, not a train set) in his back garden.

He has a lot of time on his hands.


pretty cool, but I’d sooner leave the country and never return than anyone finding out about that.


It goes through the fence into their next door neighbour’s garden.

They both have a station.


I’m kind of wondering how a project like that starts out.


He’s always been an engineer’s engineer. I remember him trying to get me into Meccano when I was a kid. Obviously given the existence of Lego I was totally non-plussed that anyone would waste their time making lorries out of bits of metal and a spanner. I do remember being quite impressed with the lorry though.

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But the basic answer is: engineer, retirement, too much money, no kids.

nationalise ma0sm’s ebay train