If I gave you £500 right now

and you weren’t allowed to use your own transport or look at any internet connected screen, how soon could you be bungee jumping?

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Are you in prison?

no but i have very low motivation for doing a bungee jump


You can keep it mate, I’m already making shitloads from computers.


last time I try to organise a DiS trip. Enjoy yourselves cycling, sitting in pubs or eating in restaurants!

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I enjoy none of those things, as you well know.

Erotic card game…?

I’ve only played Consentacle once, actually.

My mate had a game called Sip and Go Naked that he would intermittently try to make us play.

How very continental.

Great question.

Feels like the sort of thing somewhere in Wales might have on a Saturday. So I’d get a train to Cardiff (1hr) whereby I would go into the tourist information centre, and enquire as to any bungee jumping going on nearby.

With luck, I might be able to be bungeeing tomorrow morning, but I’d guess it will be Saturday morning.

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Probably by close of business.

prison of the mind

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I have bungee jumped before so I’d use the £500 to go back to the place I did it, it would probably take about two days to sort out

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Did you find it an enjoyable experience?

Not so much of it about these days.

Without using the internet? I might have to go into the street and ask people where the nearest bungee jump place was. The public would think it was some new chugger ploy!!
Then I would have to buy a map to get there and hire a car for the day as it would be cheaper and fall within the 500 quid budget.
Tomorrow midday at the earliest

About 15mins if they just let me on. I work near one


I found it to be somewhat exhilarating. It was a tandem jump with my partner, as such it was difficult to do a proper dive jump so it was something of a botch.