If I had a billion dollars, I'd:

Me: Evil scientist

Serious or silly answers, either will be amusing.

Put it in a very low yield savings account.


Piss it away on many, many holidays

Stay in bed today :frowning:


Travel forever.

Barenaked Ladies are moving up in the world.

I would buy a billion more dollars.


Fund loads of skate-parks/youth centres/climbing centres in the city.
Fund a bunch of housing projects for low-income families.
Set up a couple of charities.
Start a film production company.
Start a record label.
Randomly fund loads of interesting looking Kickstarters and whatnot.
Buy houses for friends/family.
Lots of travelling.
Once megalomania sets in due to my immense wealth, might try my hand at getting involved in influencing the outcomes of foreign elections.

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Move to the US haha

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2 chicks at the same time

thnaks balonz. Now have watching x files with no lights on! duh duh duh duh going round my head (I know waaaay more of the words than I should)

For some reason I remember seeing them on the James Whale show doing that and the Yoko Ono one.

Probably all of this, and ProfK’s

be a billionaire

Put on a festival and open a museum.

Pay sean’s server fees for almost a decade


If I had a billion dollars it was mean I was less rich than I am now so it would actually be pretty bad for a baller like me!

Become a non evil media baron

Text all my mates and form a superband


Build a really good nuclear bunker with a table tennis room and everything.