If I had a billion dollars, I'd:


Me: Evil scientist

Serious or silly answers, either will be amusing.


Put it in a very low yield savings account.


Piss it away on many, many holidays


Stay in bed today :frowning:


Travel forever.


Barenaked Ladies are moving up in the world.


I would buy a billion more dollars.


Fund loads of skate-parks/youth centres/climbing centres in the city.
Fund a bunch of housing projects for low-income families.
Set up a couple of charities.
Start a film production company.
Start a record label.
Randomly fund loads of interesting looking Kickstarters and whatnot.
Buy houses for friends/family.
Lots of travelling.
Once megalomania sets in due to my immense wealth, might try my hand at getting involved in influencing the outcomes of foreign elections.


Move to the US haha


2 chicks at the same time


thnaks balonz. Now have watching x files with no lights on! duh duh duh duh going round my head (I know waaaay more of the words than I should)


For some reason I remember seeing them on the James Whale show doing that and the Yoko Ono one.


Probably all of this, and ProfK’s


be a billionaire


Put on a festival and open a museum.


Pay sean’s server fees for almost a decade


If I had a billion dollars it was mean I was less rich than I am now so it would actually be pretty bad for a baller like me!


Become a non evil media baron


Text all my mates and form a superband


Build a really good nuclear bunker with a table tennis room and everything.