If I invented a snack

I’d probably make it a flavour but then not mention anywhere on the packaging what flavour it is. Similar to how Dr Pepper doesn’t say “marzipan flavour”. Cheers.


Tizer as well wouldn’t have been half as successful if it said what flavour it is.

Irn Bru doesn’t say bubblegum flavour.

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Is that what it’s supposed to be? I thought it was just flavoured with raw strength or sleeplessness or something.

I think I could understaaaaaand

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Like how a Milky way doesn’t say what flavour it is, it just says it has a light whipped white centre

Terry’s Chocolate Orange. No one has the slightest idea what flavour it is.

Chocolate, but shaped like an orange, one would presume.

i’m gonna come out and say it

i quite like that angry scotsman irn bru youtube thing

Coke is a non-specific flavour too (vegetable extracts - wtf is that?)

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And Vimto - artificial fruit flavour

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It’s coke flavoured, you spanner


The flavour of dreams

What flavour is Marmite?


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