If I like RHLSTP, what other good podcasts would you recommend in this vein.

I take you all know of Richard Herring’s RHLSTP.

What else would you recommend in this vein?

pref ones I can watch on yt rather than audio only.


Red hot lost summer top peppers?


Adam Buxton, but there’s no youtube version

Same with Stuart Goldsmith’s The Comedian’s Comedian


Can I just say I’m outraged that he’s doing his Edinburgh podcast under the RHLSTP name this year instead of the original RHEFP. Ludicrous.

I was gonna say Comedian’s Comedian - always enjoy that


How do you feel about murder?


Do The Right Thing - the best panel show podcast.
Off Menu - James Acaster and Ed Gamble asking comedians (and others, but mainly comedians) about their ideal food choices. I’m no foodie but it’s very funny
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend - the only US comedian interview podcast that I like, the one with Lisa Kudrow is great, can tell how much they love each other

and not really in the same vein but…

GOSSIPMONGERS. Makes me cry with laughter almost every time. Three comedians including Joe Wilkinson reading out bits of small-town gossip and hearsay, then deciding which is the best.


There’s a good podcast (no video) called Rule of Three.

It’s the guys who did the Framley Examiner (and other things like Cunk) interviewing funny people about a funny thing that helped them be a funny person.

I really enjoyed the one Nish Kumar did about Darkplace.


Ah the Framely examiner is something I’ve not thought about for ages. A trawl thru the web archive is in order

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The Classified pages may be, pound for pound, the funniest things I’ve ever read anywhere. Has me in fits every time. http://www.framleyexaminer.com/pages/clas011

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Just subscribed to this, thanks!

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Just been getting into this finally this week because my love of Michael Legge has flourished since the Fringe last week


Russell Hicks - Off the Grid - he’s not done loads recently but a really nice relaxed interview style on the processes related to stand up


Listened to a few episodes of Gossipmongers tonight, haven’t laughed so much in a while. Thanks for the rec!


It’s so puerile and silly, I adore it. I’ve listened to the Welly Baby one far too many times.


Not a podcast but a YouTube series: Hot Ones

Celebs eat 10 increasingly hot chicken wings whilst answering questions.

Stone Cold was on it yesterday and is unsurprisingly very entertaining:

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Big fan of Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown as well. It’s better than their other podcasts bc they’re better at running with spontaneity / things going wrong than just general comic ideas imo

Oh wow. This sounds v up my street

Can’t quite get on with Off Menu

I like it but I think my judgement is clouded by the fact that Ed Gamble was already part of one of the most flooringly funny podcasts I’ve ever heard (Peacock and Gamble) and it’s a bit of a shame that he’s more restrained to some extent

Any time I’ve seen them pop up on TV stuff I’ve hated them, are they better in podcast form?

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