If i owned a pub

I would do Monday roasts as well as Sunday

I would visit this pub on a Monday,

I have never had a roast in a pub that has been as good as even the most average roast that has been cooked in a home. Thanks for reading.


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I swear I’d be a better man


do you think it would be busy on a monday?

pubs would usually be quiet, but then no one else is doing roasts on mondays. so…?

This has been true for every pub roast other than at the Rutland arms, which is the only place I’ve gone for a pub Sunday roast in the last 4 years for this very reason

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I think sme pubs do very good roasts but just think.

People love Sunday roasts and they sell very well.

Howeve, due to hangovers/people making it at home, the sales probably arent as high as expected

People going into work Monday and have a miserable day. Walking home they see the Monday roast. Straigbt in, profits doubled

I like your thinking

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It would be busy at lunch times and then after work

Would you go on a Monday?

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Reading this post in the voice of Nathan for you


Yes. They do other good non roasts on Mondays though . Not sure if sacrifice that for extra roast

Absolutely not calling a pub “Free the Paedos”


That “available until 5pm” for certain food would be available all day.

No sofas would be in my pub, just tables and chairs and no Jäger bombs would be available.

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would you sell lager?

1 x wanky ale on rotation, 1 x heineken, 1 x guinness

all you need


Came here to list Beyoncé lyrics but see the jokes guy got here first

I’d thoroughly recommend the Rose and Crown in Snettisham, Norfolk. Never had a roast there that’s been less than a 9/10

Thanks for the recommendation but that would be a really long way to travel for someone who doesn’t really like pubs

I’d do crisp pairings as an ‘up-sell’.

So for an extra quid you can have a bag of the crisps that are paired with the beer you’ve bought.

Pilsner - Salt and Vinegar Walkers
Hoppy IPA - Scampy Fries
Bitter - Twiglets

etc etc