If I paid



for you and Jay Kay to go to Bella Italia followed by watching Viceroy’s House at your local Vue would you accept? All transport covered too.


Of course. Sounds like a lovely night out.


Excellent question, I’ll politely decline though thanks


no thank you


What? this sounds like virtual insanity to me.


Please cross reference all your answers to the same thread on the uncategorised board.


He’s probably got some good stories.



Could we go to The Light instead? Much more convenient than Vue for me.

Also, will Jay be driving us in one of his fancy cars?


No talking in the cinema please.


Sure. No Jay’s getting shit faced.


Will you make sure we’re on the back row so someone behind doesn’t start a fight with him for not removing his hat and spoiling their view?




I was thinking I’d sleep or make out with him.


Could I go for the meal but not bother with Viceroy’s House please. Seems a bit brexit-y


No, that is the clincher for Jay.


Yeah, why not.


make it Prezzo and the Odeon and you’re on. My local Vue is 30 odd miles away, much like warny

Important question: Will he be wearing his hat?


Classic Jay_and_the_monkeys


Would be foolish to turn down a free meal in these economic climes.


Vue are not as ubiquitous as I thought.

Of course he will be.