If I said you can keep your hair at an ideal length for you

How long would you book it in for?

Erm, how long have I got left to live?

That will need to be arranged with someone else.

Then I’m afraid I cannot answer your question.

Anything upwards of 35 years

probably book it in for monday

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How much is it per year?


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Forever. Can I also add beard length to my order?

Having to shave my head and trim facial hair is a few minutes of effort each week I’d love to be able to avoid.

Early Rudyard Kipling draft needed work

I don’t understand why anyone would choose any other option than ‘forever’

Could you PLEASE explain?

Can I have a number three please?

I like having different hair styles at different times. Wouldn’t mind slightly slower growth though.

Happy for the same to apply to my facial hair. Spiky as fuck after 6 hours