If I told you I had a funny dream last night and offered to tell you

  • Outright no, dreams are so so boring to hear about
  • Let me ramble, but not really listen
  • Ooh I love hearing about dreams! That one means you have deep-seated issues around trust

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i dramt last night I was at Brand New’s comeback show and the whole audience turned their back on them which I was very proud of

Depends, are we having sex? Either as an ongoing thing, or in the dream.

If not, I don’t want to hear about it.

[quietly follows xylo on Instagram]

Can you tell me if intercourse occurs before I place my vote

I had a dream last night where I was out for dinner with my wife (and loads of old school friends were milling around) but we went for a table for 2 but all the tables were in weird locations like on the wall and in little nooks and crannies and we ended up sitting on a shelf above the kitchen or something likeifyouliekthisstoryoryouwillgetacurseandyouwillhavetositonsmalltablesinbizzareplacesfortherestofyourlife