If I were to rent/buy you a space in your locale


about the size of a two-car garage, let’s say under a railway arch or in an industrial-park style area, what would you do with it?

Studio? Meth lab? Hide the bodies?


Bike park / mend-it-yrself space / coffee roastery


Spider sanctuary


Alright we’re closing this thread down


I would set up a pottery studio for my partner


Get her out the house.


Would brew beer there and sell it at weekends, can’t believe no one else is doing this.


This is absolutely delightful


probably move there


Two cars


I’d text all the musicians I know and start a superband


No one appears to have yet understood that been could be seen as a ‘craft’. I know. Madness.


QI klaxon but I’m glad it was you <3




I think I would make cider. Beer is over.

None of this fucking mango smoothie cider either. Apples. British apples. British brave apples.


Probably get myself a black and decker workbench set up, maybe buy a toolbelt and some new tools, then never set foot in it again.


“so you can stop leaving all your pottery shit lying about the place!”


No, it’s actually because I’m kind.


Yes. The Ritual of Wasted Potential. A classic