If I'm excited by these artists releasing albums in 2020 which others should I know about?

Tame Impala
Amusement Parks
Man of Moon (not sure if definite though)

Recommendations welcome.

Also - is there another thread on 2020 releases? Surely there is and I’ve missed.


Check here

These lads are meant to have a new album at some point during the year (no idea when, don’t think it’s finished yet), you might like them based on MoM

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Cheers Icarus.

I had heard this name before as I think they’ve supported Twilight Sad, as have MoM.

Sounds good, ta.

I quite like Domiciles too if you know of them?

i do not

Their album ‘This is Not A Zen Garden’ is worth a look. I learned of it as MoM mentioned on their fb this year.

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I’ll look it up!