if i'm honest

a mcmuffin is nice, sure, but I wish they’d bring the Big Breakfast back. I don’t need cheese with breakfast. I just want the sausage, hashy bs, scrambey egg and some engly muffs

maybe a sausage and pancake meal on the side too if I want to really pad it out

what I’m getting at is that cheese isn’t a breakfast food


I’ve never had one but the egg disc looks horrifying

I have specials rings so I can make egg discs at home


it’s just egg man

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goo goo ga joob etc


Engly muffs chrissst worse than milko :joy:

I am the egg disc


i’d dip my egg disc in my milko

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Any food is a breakfast food.

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does it run when you

Did I ask for your opinion?

curried prunes


Eat them at breakfast time and they’re a breakfast food.

Eggs are overrated as fuck

oh yeah sorry x

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you’re probably just eating the wrong eggs

chicken eggs are the best ones

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Have you ever had a goose egg?

How do you feel about milkos funky