If it's Monday, then we ought to have a Monday thread

A Baroness joining a webinar about D&I is a very CBI thing tbf tbh


At least choose something vaguely plausible.

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Just opened up my computer for the day, to find the following email from a Planning Officer at the local council.

I feel that he may have mixed me up with someone else.


Asking for an extension as well, tut tut


Nice of them to cater for Patrick Wolf.


Busy day

Wfh but also squeezing in bedroom decorating jobs (still on the prep work) . Plus got the dentists this afternoon (pretty sure I’m going to need my 1st ever bit of actual “work” done :tired_face:) . Will be missing the second half of D&D cos I’m off to see lone Lady tonight

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Very enjoyably niche

Might start working at 10am…tomorow hehe

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stupid fucking cat wouldn’t settle down at all last night. running around like a headless chicken (and purring really loudly). very tired. the prick is completely passed out now, obviously.


Monseigneur available?

No, Dr Epimer

I’ve got today off, so it is for me, you’ll be pleased to hear.

Having my eyes tested later. Hope they pass



Just getting started on my third week as a caretaker up north. It’s been a bit mental so far with lots of people and lots of things happening, but this entire week it’s just me and one couple who’s working on their own projects. Looks like we might get some nice weather as well (even though it’s been quite windy this morning, got quite dizzy from walking back and forth between the little houses.

Paid £2.5k in taxes yesterday, this is the first year I’m paying taxes through my company and not just through part-time jobs and it’s weird how different it feels when you first get the money in your account and then have to send it off, rather than just never seeing the same money in the first place like when your taxes are deducted from a salary.

Anyway that’s my super interesting thoughts for the day, hope everyone’s monday is ok!


ive sent 3 emails this morning. thats enough work for today right…


Boss off long-term sick and finished a big project last week with no other work lined up…

Have you seen they’ve posted set times in the fb event now?

I know the guy supporting, so I’ll probably get there nice and early

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turned out fine, wasn’t about that project at all. was just getting made redundant.


Oh no! I’m sorry, pal :pensive::heart:


That’s shitty. You okay?