If lightning struck

An average sized raw steak, would it cook it?

Other lightning scenarios welcome.

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Yes, I think it probably would.

Excellent thread


Who’s that musician who has lightning scars? Or did I imagine this.

The Boy Who Lived?


Why don’t we cook by electricity? I mean not heating an oven but just zapping shit. Fuck microwaves, I want instant food that has been obliterated by God’s fury!

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Gonna test this out in Breath of the Wild and get back to you


It’s how Remy in Rataouille makes a really tasty mushroom and cheese concoction

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Read an article a while ago about a woman who was struck by lightning and it exited her body through her mouth, which sounds awful, but also sounds like the most badass thing you could possibly witness.


Love that rat

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Why does electric cook meat but not the plastic around wires and stuff?

I know who you need to ask


I once quit a job as I was constantly getting static electric shocks from everything I touched in the building. It turned me in to nervous wreck I couldn’t stand the anticipation of it all. (its like a very small shock of lightning so related) True story.

Let’s taser the carrots.

more convenient in an oven than having to stand out in the rain waving a metal stick around

This guy…

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That’s because lightning travels upwards :exploding_head:

Didnt have you down as a flatearther?

Well yeah or lightning conductors would be pointless

Put a steak in it.

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