If Lunch is the answer


then what is the question? For me it’s: chilango or daddy donkey?


god i just can’t think about eating right now but i’ll have to go and get something at 1pm

(chilango for me, never had a daddy donkey… oh, btw, there’s burritos in the cafe here tomorrow!!!)

edit: actually wtf am i talking about, i have had a burrito from daddy donkey


Having burritos for dins so:

1 x cucumber and cheddar sanga
1 x satsuma
1 x cheese tasters (still not sure why @profk has beeves with these)
1 x iced and spiced M&S bun




6/10 curry from work canteen


football is the game.


Rhythm is a dancer


What is a cheese taster?

I had a cheese sandwich, bag of crisps, satsuma, apple and a biscuit.
Bread was a bit stale tbh.


Q: why did I think this was going to be any good?


oh my word…


yes, slicks, what is a cheese taster.


looks alright to me.


Was…alright. But of all the options I had before me :-1:


BBQ chicken, extra strong cheddar, BBQ sauce, grilled to perfection.


Then is it a quick toasted ham sandwich before I run for the bus because I lost track of the time, stupid clocks changing?


They’re M&S’ knock-off Wotsits but one of the rare examples where own brand are better than the original.


cheese and pickle on a homemade roll.

I make my own bread because I’m better than you.


Surely this is an oxymoron


You’re an oxymoron m9.


looks a lot like an irons haggis toastie.