If my mate wanted to get into NBA

In a non-twatty, none beardy scenester way, could anyone recommend good…

  • documentaries?
  • broadsheet articles?
  • season reviews?
  • books?
  • highlight shows on the telly/online?
  • etc…

There’s a rolling thread, i know, but…

Think you need to be signed or drafted


How tall is he?

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Like all other US Sports, start with any relevant 30 for 30 docs

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No Crossover, the Alan Iversen one, is brilliant


shoulda @ me.

would recommend your mate -

Documentaries/Films: Hoop Dreams (even if you don’t like basketball, this is a really great watch), Without Bias, More Than a Game, The Fab Five, Soul in the Hole, Russell’s House (on youtube atm) and pretty much any ESPN 30 for 30 basketball documentary you can get your hands on.



https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/Book-Basketball-NBA-According-Sports/0345520106 (maybe the best sports book I’ve ever read. Really easy to read even if you don’t know a lot about the sport)


NBA does online media better than anyone - I only ever watch highlights on their official channel https://www.youtube.com/user/NBA

I also think subscribing to a team’s subreddit and a few other communities helped me get into the game more.

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wrong. everyone has to enter the draft in order to be signed.

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No can dunk, but good fundamentals

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I saw a Chinese bloke yesterday with a tee shirt that said “BASKETBALL SHOOT THE HOOP” on it, and it made me chuckle. That’s all I have to add.

Moan that the rules are ignored in the NBA and moan that the rules (and the lack of skill) stifle the fun out of the college game.

City now laundering the Abu Dhabi cash through basketball now too?
Won’t be as good as Manchester Eagles though

Hoop Dreams
The Ringer / Bill Simmons

The local team i can remember was called the Giants. They were okay for a time, about the same time Manchester briefly pretended to like Ice Hockey as well. If memory serves it all went to shit shortly after United pumped a load of cash in (true story).

I see both them and the Storm are still going in different guises. Seems weird that for a couple of years they played in the M.E.N Arena (then the Nynex) and the whole city really bought into it.

Always thought it’s a bit of a shame how the city doesn’t buy into other sports more. Can see how it’s difficult when you’ve got such a huge world famous football club, and United, and such a historic cricketing county, and a rich boxing pedigree, but sports like basketball, ice hockey and rugby league should be much more popular.

I’ll have a look through these. Thanks.

Just watched Without Bias. How sad. What a woman his mum is, eh. Insane mental strength given events.

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Manchester United basketball team turned into the eagles who were replaced by the giants I think.

Went to watch storm play ice hockey a few times. Was all a bit family friendly and games workshop.

Used to go watch Salford rugby too. Owner wants to change their name to Manchester to attract more fans at the minute. So that’ll be two teams not from manchester called Manchester.

Just out of interest, which teams to you fellas follow?

Might just pick a side who’s not the Lakers or Celtics. Are there any super shady franchises who are widely loathed and why?

Well you can’t follow Golden State for obvious band waggoning reasons, but the whole league is so imbalanced you either pick a juggernaut or a pile of shit who’ll never win anything.

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