If Next-Day Delivery doesn't arrive the next day can you claim your money back?

it’ll probably arrive tomorrow but that’s a day out.

the extra-charge for N-D-D was pretty hefty, hence why it’s a bit annoying



You could try sucking it up (unless it’s a limb or something)

i really needed it and the charge for next-day was almost as much as the item itself.

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I had my delivery charge back from Next a few months back.

Got another £20 compo when the next day the courier had ticked it off as delivered, before sending his mate out with it a further 24 hours later…

Serves you right for trying to bribe Next
Oh hold on

probably depends on the T&Cs of the service

worth a complaint at least


A lot of places seem to bend over backwards to keep you happy, especially if you start kicking off on Facebook or Twitter…

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it seems to be more of a failing from the delivery services than the company i ordered from, who seemed to send it out from their end pretty fast.

DPD or whoever aren’t going to give a toss though, are they?

Take it up with who you ordered from and let them give the delivery company a kicking.


true. yeah i’ll try that

This happened to me with Amazon. I got a full refund for the cost of the order.

Top tip: the people on the Amazon Web Chat service are a GBOLs


basically ^this, amazon webchat people hook you right up

Me: Hi ther-

GBOLs @ Amazon: We’ve refunded your order entirely, sent out a replacement and there’s no need to return anything as that would inconvenience you

P easy for them mind, massive corporations can choose to just absorb costs rather than inconvenience a customer at all.
They’re just not too hot for things like employment rights or sustainable local businesses and etc

There are plenty of companies who have terrible ethics and whose employees also act like cunts, though. Just giving credit to the decent customer service of the web chat team where it’s due.

I guess? Idk I think my standards are extremely low, but I’m rarely (ever) treated worse than I expect.

lol, unfortunately this didn’t involve amazon

Customer service yeah maybe but every big retail company I have worked for are easy as fuck to get returns or money back at the most half hearted complaint.

The amount of stock you write off daily is often higher then your actual wages!

i might actually try suggesting they halve the delivery charge or something? rather than go in all-guns blazing demanding the money back.