If people you knew IRL saw your DiS posts, How fucked would you be



i’d probably be quite fucked imo


i think we’d all probably be fine

my bf, some of my irl friends read dis and my dad’s read it in the past to see what it was all about.


People I know irl do see them. So relatively fine. Obviously senior people at work would be a different matter


Wouldn’t care. Always do a quick “would I be fine if a real life person read this” audit before posting. It’s fine.


Absolutely this. Wouldn’t post anything I wouldn’t want anyone else to read and am fairly careful about not giving too much away about my identity anyway. (Although someone who knows me and read all my posts would know immediately, I guess).


they’d be impressed by all our big opinions


I’d probably have no more ATD’s


Alright i think, touch wood. I don’t post during working hours and try to avoid anything that would be too identifiable for the most part.


oh it’s fine quite a few do. Although I’m glad it’s now and not before.


Well I’ve met two DISers in the past week at my new work place.

Slightly embarrassing.


i would get a lot of grief for how much time i spend on here but don’t think there’d be anything surprising about the content. ‘oh you talk about burritos online too?’


It’s weird- I definitely don’t do that- i’m guarded irl, but on internet, I care less what people think. The main thing I try and remember is that tho you’re all just words on a screen to me, you’re actual humans. Stops me being too aggressive


idk. I don’t post anything I wouldn’t say IRL, I don’t think?


think i’d generally be fine but i’ve probably mentioned people being dicks and stuff so don’t want THOSE people to see.


think people would just worry more about my mental health


Would be fine. What I post in an unnamed private forum on the other hand… wouldnt want that getting out.


job centre?


Depends who, really. Probably not so bothered about the content as by the volume.


Hmmmmm id really rather they didn’t. Half the appeal of dis is that no cunt I know is here.


but the ppl on dis are also very nice
love me some dis