If people you knew IRL saw your DiS posts, How fucked would you be

I always feel a bit wobbly after posting a picture of myself in the ‘who the fuck are you?’ threads.

I would be dead meat. This is a thing I actually get paranoid about, that sometimes adds to my daily anxiety.

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I generally think before I post much of the time these days. I guess my golden rule now is not to post anything specific about relationships and you may notice that while I start a lot of Thursday filth threads I pretty much never make any revelations.

Work would be an issue though, no doubt. Not because of the content of my posts, so much. But the quantity…oh the quantity.

I’ve somehow started thinking more about this after the new boards open. Maybe because I’m posting more again. But basically as long as I’m not posting the kind of super cringey threads that I would post like 6-7 years ago then I’m not that bothered.

Literally nothing to lose, don’t care.