If Sean walked away from DiS who would fill the power vacuum?


Post can’t be empty


and who would empty the bag?


Based on every dystopian novel ever, theo


Stacey Solomon




Went out with Steve-O


Who’s Sean?



Send to have a lot of time on his hands.


I’m sorry, my brains to advanced to take in pop culture references


I’d reluctantly volunteer to take over until a real leader was found, and then I’d preside over the rapidly disintegrating boards until my resignation/ death in sixty years or so.


oh i’m sorry i forgot you were a vacuum cleaner


No need to apologise my friend


A spambot would take over a la matrix and derail all threads into links to herbal viagra and a chance to get an iPhone 7 for free.

Then there would be an uprising. The first three would fail and then I would become the one.


maoam. And it would not be pretty.


I choose @cowcow as my VP


Never heard of walking, sorry