If someone asked for a cup of tea

But didn’t tell you how they wanted it, what would you turn out?

You can’t ask them, they’ve gone into some sort of alternate dimension for a minute.

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Milk. O sugar


sorry typing in the bath often fucks up like this

brewed for ~3-4 minutes, milk. werther’s original on here:

no sugar.


Been served a few “Gran’s House” in my day without request, absolutely harrowing.


Splash of oat milk, no sugar.

He-man on the niki scale

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no milk no sugar

then they can add that if that’s what they want


how is this a question

awful, isn’t it. i may even go to he-man actually.

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Milk, mid strength, no sugar


Green. Serve them right for not being specific enough.

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I’m a grans house person I honk

Milk and one sugar

Assumed it was implied that they can’t add anything to it. Otherwise this is obviously the answer and the ‘fun’ is ruined

We only serve deconstructed tea in this classy joint.

honk if Thatchers deid


I’ll be honest, in my house I will boil the kettle for them, lay everything they need on the counter and leave it to them to make it themselves. As a non-tea drinker it’s too stressful to take on that responsibility. No one wants to be responsible for a bad cup of tea.

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The point was reflecting what your instincts tell you, not how logically to solve the solution, obviously nobody needs help with that.

Not obvious though, why make them a tea at all if they have to go back and add the milk?

I’d have asked how they wanted it.