If someone called Simon shortens it to “Sim”

… do you pronounce it to rhyme with Tim, or Time?

  • Tim
  • Time

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I’ll let you know when I know

No-one has ever done this, and if anyone does, they’re a twat. So, I pronounce it ‘twat’.


That’s a bit unfair on Sim. He didn’t ASK for his nickname.

think I’d just stick with “simon”

I’ve got a job interview with them next week! I’m going to meet him, say “Hi, Sim? Nice to meet you” except I’ll say it wrong and he’ll be irked and I won’t get the job.

They sign off their email “Sim”! The name in the email address is “Sim”! I can’t just call him Simon. He’s rejected Simon a long time ago.

I reckon they’d want it to rhyme with ‘thyme’, cos that sort of makes sense as a contraction of Simon.

However it’s a daft fucking thing to do (shorten Simon to Sim), so I’d rhyme it with ‘Tim’.

how do you know its short for simon then

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He should introduce himself surely, then you’ll hear how to say it.

I looked up the business on Companies House and he’s listed as a director with the full name of Simon.

Call him “whomever it may concern”


Worst case, ask the receptionist to correct. “Hi, I’m here for an interview with Sim. Is that right?”

guy sounds a pure dobber, doubt you want to work there anyway


To be honest I’d question whether I wanted to work for someone who called themselves Sim so he should probably just sack it off.

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Hi, I am a Simon.

The only time my name gets shortened to Sim it’s because douchebag databases don’t have enough characters in the name field to hold my long surname. It irks me.

The only acceptable abbreviation for Simon is Si, pronounced like the Sons of Mumford banger Sigh No More. Alternatively, See-mon, pretending that you are Spanish and pronouncing popular drink Don Simon.

As others have implied, if he has voluntarily shortened his name like that, he is a wrong 'un.

Hope this extensive explanation into my name helps.


the name is used in other languages so maybe he’s a simon pronounced sim-on or some variation thereof, and not sy-mon as in english. maybe he even shortens it to sim so that people don’t call him sy-mon

My dad is also Simon / Si, thank you for your Simon inSight

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Ask him if his middle name is ‘city’


Ask for Simon at reception, then let him introduce himself.