If someone called Simon shortens it to “Sim”

Or ‘card’


Or ‘pleton’



With any luck he’ll introduce himself at the interview: “Hi, I’m Sim” (or Sime as the case may be).

Simple (Simon) - you simply ask him “what’s the word for when things happen at the same time?”

and based on how he pronounces ‘simultaneously’ you’ll know how he pronounces his stupid name.

Actually this is true yeah.

Previous irkage at the abbreviation temporarily revoked until we can gather more information.

@hip_young_gunslinger knows his full name from Companies House, so he can hopefully make a full judgement about whether “Sim” is acceptable.

Sim also exists as a standalone name where I am, and rhymes with Tim. I doubt this is of any help though. The internet claims it means son of Simon, which I’m a bit confused by.

british-sounding surname doesn’t necessarily indicate a british first name!

(signed, someone with a foreign first name that people assume is english because it’s spelled the same in latin characters [i allow people to pronounce it the english way])

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We just say SIM now they’re no longer credit card sized.

I’m still reeling that some Steven / Stephens call themselves Ste in Manchester

Not even sure how it holds up.

  • Stee
  • Steh

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This one’s easy because there was one on Hollyoaks.

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Yeah, sorry. I’m having a 'mare here!

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Do you happen to know anyone who has met him already you could ask for confirmation from?

If not, I’d take a bet on the rhymes with Tim version.

Good luck for your interview, hyg!

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I went to school with someone that we all called Sim (rhyming with Tim) or Simmo, but that was because his surname was Simmons. This is of no help but thought I’d chip in.

Good luck with the interview!

Ask the receptionist, or equivalent, when you turn up for interview.

As someone with a name that people constantly shorten;

A) it doesn’t matter how you introduce yourself or sign off emails, people will still do it

  1. it’s really, really annoying - moreso because of the above

Take your pick, I guess. Maybe he’ll be like me and too English to make a fuss, and just internalise it all to complain about online?

i’d just go for Thrillho


this is the absolute worst


A) I like the way this site auto-formats lists

  1. It looks really professional.

someone at my work is called Wesley and he shortens it to…Lee.

what’s all that about then

yeah not a fan of ste at all

just go with steve. it’s the same number of syllables.