If someone called Simon shortens it to “Sim”

‘Colly’ has always been pretty popular round here (NI)

bet there’s a lot of good Colins in NI and Scotland and Republic of Ireland.


Au revoir sim

maybe I should go by my equally bad middle name Roy.

What have we got:

Rockin’ Roy
Roy the Boy
Roy Sauce (like soy sauce but Roy)


Colin Murray? :thinking:

Mint ROYale


oh there we go! Classy

was he the golfer?


is this a thing?

Other than a hotel in Skegness I’ve just googled?

I call my brother Col the whole time. Feels like the proper thing to call him.

Definitely using that at least once this weekend.

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my brother doesn’t like his name either so I have to just call him bro or mate or something weird.

Most everyone else including his wife just call him our last name which is weird to me

TV and radio presenter.
Got the sack from Match of The Day 2 for daring to have a personality and disagree with the old guard when they were talking shit. Fair play.
Bit of a lad.

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I’m referred to by my nickname (Mr. K) all the time. If anyone referred to us by our surname it would get a bit odd as they could be referring to this man:

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special K


wait isn’t that Ketamine?

drug fans please confirm.

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Nah, I was just trying to take Colin and Roy and make a new, hip name.

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thank you for trying your best!

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