If someone offered to buy or make you anything you want for lunch today, what would you have?

I’m bang in the mood for a steak sandwich with mustard mayo, stilton and fried onions. Maybe some lightly salted Kettle Chips on the side. Pint of Red Stripe and then a supermarket custard doughnut for pudding.

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Doorstep sandwich please, with sausages and onions

And maybe a chelsea bun for after

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Some nice crunch stir fried greens and jasmine rice. With a powerful taste of ginger


Any sauce up in there?

veggie *pork pie, brown sauce, big packet of wheat crunchies, can of apple tango.
slab of brownie for pudding.

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You know what - normally I’d have ketchup with a sausage sandwich, but sometimes if the bread has enough butter on it then that becomes a sauce of it’s own as it melts, that you wouldn’t want to spoil with anything extra

Good grief.

Not the bread, obvs. I’m just talking about warm dripping butter

Butter is butter, sauce is sauce. Needs both to be a good sandwich imo.

Breton galette with ham egg cheese and mushrooms, massive bowl of frites, jug of cider

Gonna get this from the creperie down the road at the weekend yessssss


Anxiety, I’ll get it myself


Just had a vegan pastie which was excellent. If you could arrange for an ice cream for pudding though pls


Classic Westcountry seaside lunch combo.


Vegan pizza with pumpkin cream base mushrooms and cashews. Side salad with plenty of toms!

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Love a good bowl of Tom Yung soup for lunch. Spicy enough to strip the hull off a battleship please.

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Nothing, I hate lunch.

This post paid for by PROF$.

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What the fuck?

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A nice salad with goat cheese

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I forgot to have dinner last night and I’ve just realised I’ve not got any lunch in.

So anything please fantasy chef - though rob’s post has made me crave sausage, mash and onion gravy quite badly now