If the government gave you £10,000... what would you do with it?


Go (back) to uni?
Learn a trade?
Bury it in the garden?
Lads (lads lads) trip to vegas and put it all on red?


Probably just get fucked up for a bit


Get the genuine feeling the reason they won’t do this is a paranoid fear everyone will just buy ten grand’s worth of crack


Probably use half of it to see some countries. Half of it for a rainy day fund when i come back.


Try and convince as many people as possible to set fire to it.


Give it to the local homeless shelters.


Dunno tbh, not enough to pay off student debts or buy a house etc
Probs just slowly waste it on rent and life
Bit of an insult really


probably just retire


Sorry, joke answer: 10,000 tacos




Light cigars with it while over-55s watch.


and save the remaining £9,800?


Probably call all my friends and start a super band


liver and onions.




I would spend it all on a bicycle obviously.


Have a mad one in Wetherspoons


you’ve only got 4 or 5 friends?


Deposit on a house. (As opposed to buying five Fender Jazzmasters.)


just sit in there on the app ordering food and drink to random tables.