If the queen doesn't die before 2022 we get an extra day off

What do you plan to do

But we get an extra day off if she does die as well


Yeah but we get 2 if she doesn’t die before 2022 due to the jubilee

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I guess chat on here? I mean let’s not over stretch or imagine we will be doing anything or going anywhere.


Plot to bring down the monarchy


Go to Primavera without booking a lot of leave

Tip run, maybe?


Probably stay in and play computer games, for a change of pace

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Yay, another bank holiday to work

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This was my first thought, probably the first Primavera for 3 years too

What happens if she dies on Feb 28th on a Leap Year? Do we get the 29th off and then also March 1st on accounts of how Feb 29th is a fake day anyway?

two sexy ladies

Listen to Queen records all day

lovely jubilee

what if she’s already dead

I work Fridays, the stupid lizard twat can’t even give me a proper Bank Holiday ffs!!1

Street party, bunting, plastic union jack bowler hats etc

Not happy with a bank holiday Thursday tbh.

A poo, in the royal lavatory


Busted myself laughing at how utterly stupid this post is.