If there isn't a thread is it really Thursday?

Do my eyes deceive me?

's rainin

Put the heating back on this morning.

Woke up at half 3 by the cat. Only managed to doze since.


I am off work until Tuesday now, which is good.

Going to drive to a Premier Inn near Birmingham later then pop over to the NEC to pick up my tickets for the ukgamesexpo. Then doing that for the next few days until I cba any more and quietly flounce off home without telling anyone, like I do every year.

Not happy with how nice the weather looks, I want it to be nice and cold outside to minimise the smell.

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hope you enjoy the sexpo eps


Dis does the Blues


wonder what @nemrac was gonna say

Me too. I’ve been practicing with my pals for weeks.

Woke up at 4.30 Switzerland time to get my flight to Heathrow, about to find the TV in Terminal 5 in the hope he’s packed all the stuff I left out on the spare room bed then flying to Texas :us:

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That but I had to stop typing to get off the plane

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You only need to pick up tickets once m9.


Might’ve been a bit silly and stayed up until 2am watching Chernobyl. Baby woke me up at 5.40. great!


This is technically not correct but I don’t want to embarrass you by explaining why.


I appreciate your concern.

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Got to the station and train was cancelled

Waiter, this is not the hot summer that I had ordered. I really must protest, where is your manager? :triumph:


Just eaten so so vwry much buffet breakfast. Alrey eaten about 4 times as much as i did yesterday. OMG! The carrot cake :drooling_face:


Morning all. WFH today, a little bit frazzled still from last night’s Fujiya & Miyagi gig and awake since 5.30 :+1:

Shit! I haven’t even had pancakes. No chance we’ll be up in time for breakfast the nwxt three days :fearful: