If there was a choice in the loo between paper towels, or a hand dryer, which would you choose?

a place I go to has both. I always go down the paper towel road. I’m ok with this


  • hand dryer
  • paper towel

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I am become @bird, destroyer of worlds.

Generally hand towel. However if it’s one of those swanky dyson jet things them everytime

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what kind of hand dryer we talking? one of the new vortex ones or the shitty old school jobs?

you can’t wipe your arse with a hand dryer mate


some are, some aren’t

not using a dyson brexit dryer, pal

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being a proper disser, I prefer hand wringing

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Is this survey a pre-cursor to the next attempt at an ATP event?

love these ones

Both, drying with a paper towel under a handdryer is the most effective way of getting dry hands quickly

Get a load of Softhands McCarbonfootprint over here.


I’m very environmentally friendly in a lot of aspects of my life, unfortunately my intolerance of having slightly damp hands far outweighs my desire for any children I might have to live a life without fear of natural disasters/rising sealines etc.

Hand towel because I hate trees and you’re there for fucking half an hour trying to do it with air

Use both, friend. Paper towel is very effective at clearing the bulk of the water away, hand dryer more effective at thoroughly drying slightly damp hands.

I’m going to be bluntly honest Ant and say 99% of the time I’m a shake-it-off and then wipe on the jeans kinda guy


Fucking animal

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Damn right.

I persist with a vacuum cleaner that has all the suck of an asthmatic pensioner rather than give coin to Brexit Boy Dyson.

Great wrestling name.

except that in my experience roughly 80% of them are broken