If there was a referendum on...


the topics included in the following polls, how would you vote? Result becomes legal within a month

  • Ban smoking
  • Don’t ban smoking

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(Allowances made for current smokers to go on a smoking withdrawal course etc and support given)


Can I can tobacco companies instead?


That will happen inevitably

  • Ban 2nd home ownership
  • Ban 3rd home ownership
  • Much higher tax for second homes
  • Keep things as they are

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Nationalise the pharmaceutical industry

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nationalise yourself m8

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Royal family.

  • Bin royal Family
  • Keep Royal Family

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Hmm do people understand how drug development works? I mean sure, nationalise it and we just won’t have any new medicines anymore :woman_shrugging:


I have some familiarity, yes.


Nationalise public transport

  • Yes
  • No

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Tacos are only allowed to be soft or hard

  • Ban soft tacos
  • Bam hard tacos

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Public referendums

  • leave it to experts
  • leave it to ex pats

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Proportional Representation

  • Yes
  • No

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Disagree, it’ll just cost an awful lot of public money. I’m ok with this.


We should definitely have a nationalised pharma company, but unfortunately we gotta keep the pharma bastards. Greed and innovation and all that crap


Tricky one down here. Loads and loads of 2nd homes, and it does take away housing from local people or people who want to become local residents. But they do account for a stupidly high amount of income into the area so it needs to either be capped, or heavily taxed.


Polls that only show the results once closed

  • Ban them
  • Keep them

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nationalise keeps autocorrecting to mayonnaise

  • nationalise
  • mayonnaise

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Increasing tax for every subsequent leisure flight you take in a year

  • Yeah this seems good and sensible
  • No

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