If there was a referendum on...


why should taxes be high? if you want to pay some more, go ahead


i find your ascribing of ‘lazy’ or ‘scared’ to that person troubling and ironic.


Their cars will have the same speed limits as yours.


EVERY street corner

That’s fucking mental




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your participation helps and it’s incumbent on all of us to try and educate or discuss things and move the country/world forward in some way :slight_smile:


what are we remaining?


What about people who cycle to the library?


i wonder if being forced to vote would make people engage a bit more, like they were voting anyway they might as well take five minutes to read a pamphlet. or if nothing would change at all and folk would just tick a box at random.


Well I preferred going to College then University and meeting loads of hot babes.

Saying I’d have been happy and content with one thing, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t prefer something else…


Legally binding this one lads

Lets not fuck it up

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Dedicated drowned in sounders

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if it was at random then it technically wouldn’t affect the outcome


Independent regulated authority would be needed to ensure impartiality.
I wasnt thinking it’d be like a driver theory test but do we not think if the pluses and negatives were spelled out in black and white and that you’d understood them then a)people would actually know in a reasonable details what they were voting for b)people could be less likely manipulated


On what grounds would you reject it? Mad to think as a society we’ve just accepted hundreds/thousands of people dying each year as the price we’re willing to pay to be able to drive as fast as we want. Such ridiculous entitlement.


if they tick a box at random and it becomes a widespread thing people can notice then it will encourage the political parties to try and find better ways to engage those people so yeah I think it would help


People would just vote based on completely facile and superficial reasons.

So, no change from what we have now.