If there was a referendum on...


But again, if you want to do that job then you can apply to do it. I’d guess a lot of care home work is more skilled than GCSEs which us why I highlighted that sort of role.

Do you think forcing people to try to be empathic in care homes works, though? That’s the thing? Are you imagining the bullying scrote from your English class will step up and help out here or is it more likely they’ll make shit worse for the employees who actually chose to work there?

Fundamentally I have no idea how bad the jobs situation is in such areas but if employees are needed then aren’t those jobs being advertised for people who want them to take them up?


no idea what the fuck yous are on about.

you are either in favour of voting rights from birth, or you’re in favour of a lower limit to the voting age.

as far as i can tell, you are both in favour of a lower limit to voting age but you seem to be having a go at people for a difference of opinion on where that line should be? it’s clearly subjective, i have no idea how you can claim otherwise


Fucks sake mate thats what you got stuck into me for :laughing:
You’d make a fine politician Bam :wink:


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I said yes to votes from birth




I did not consider this at all.
Just seems a good idea to make sure people actually understand what they are voting for and the consequences.
This is a very good point though.


I’ve made it different though :wink:

Kind of anyway…there will be no gate-keeping of participation here whereas that was my concern with your method


which is no longer a registered concept


Oh yeah, I get what you’re saying. But, like, I was chatting to my friend who’s at uni to be a nurse and works as a HCA, and she was saying that the a&e she works in has hardly any staff and she ends up staying late and unpaid just helping people, say, get to the toilet or chatting to old women who are on their own and scared or making a cup of tea for someone who’s just had bad news. Fair dos I’m probably a bit hairy fairy about stuff like this, and obviously people shouldn’t be doing something for free if they can’t afford to (maybe a system like esa of similar) but a lot of those tasks don’t need extensive training and would, undoubtedly, be beneficial for the person doing it and the staff like doctors and nurses who arguably have more medical/important stuff to be getting on with


Make software providers financially liable for any undue stressed caused by the displaying of notifications, when there is nothing to be notified of, like when outlook says there’s a new email, but there are no new emails.

  • I’ve got bigger fish to fry
  • I don’t eat fish
  • I though this was an email-related IT quesiton, why are we being polled on about fish?

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post of the week, possibly year, for me


Would be nice if that sentiment was backed up with any sort of awards nomination but thank you anyway


I agree with this principle but I don’t think it should be applied at the ballot box end by disenfranchisement.




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don’t you dare pn


I completely agree that private education ought to be banned- its only justification IMO is that state schools don’t always offer the hours that working parents need to be able to do standard 9-5 type jobs. Imagine how amazing state schools would have to be if there was no platinum plated option that money could buy, and imagine if those opportunities were open to all. I really think this would be the best and quickest leveller going forwards for the next gen- better than any other kind of social or economic engineering around taxes, salary caps and other stuff.


illegal to discriminate based on intelligence

  • Yes
  • No

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yes, because length of life lived is an entirely arbitrary measure