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jobs not allowed to go to the most qualified

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It’s not so much about wanting to do it, as just helping people/the nhs for free.
And I get what you’re saying about how you can’t force people to be empathetic, course you can’t, life isn’t a film. But it might open people’s eyes a bit.
I dunno. Think we’re both gonna end up going round in circles aren’t we.


This website to give notifications on your polls so you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of posts

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major industrial accidents to be hushed up by Bamnan State Media

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Nationalise post of the week

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It’s the same for a lot of medical admin, too. When the government say that they’ve cut bureaucracy in the NHS, what they mean is they’ve cut support staff numbers. It falls to the doctors and nurses to pick up the slack.

The current government’s unwillingness to fund the public sector to the extent that it is short of qualified, paid staff shouldn’t be used as a justification for filling those positions with volunteers.


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not the individual’s fault they are not qualified, this is the responsibility of the employer or state


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