If there was a referendum on...


good luck with your heart operation! your surgeon is xylo, he’s failed every exam and has put his gown on backwards but we’re an equal opportunity hospital here


it can’t be the responsibility of the employer if they’re forced to employ people who haven’t read the manual


on the job training




I’m gonna need it because practically speaking it will be tricky




Exactly, if the state system got the resources the private system is getting, it’d be great

Reminds me of Warhol’s (?) thing about Coke oddly: there’s no ‘better’ version of Coke - they’re all exactly the same and they’re all great, which is the point. Money can’t get you a better Coke, and that’s how it should be with education

Teeing myself up for that Simpsons future Pepsi school thing aren’t I


is the plaque that will be screwed into a wall above the nuclear blast’s originating point


Just let parents do it for them.

There are no issues with this.


Looks like twitter’s on the way out. Everyone say your goodbyes. Keep them brief


I’ll think of a way to sort it don’t worry


Ee bah gum etc


we already have by voting no in your referendum


Is this tax going to improve eg rural public transport?


think the majority of people agree with me deep down


i know you do <3


nah that poll was a funny one because it’s a form of intellectual discrimination


in the very wrong paradigm of Bamnan Shitting Out Ideas, yes.


Fire all recruitment and estate agents out of a big cannon and they all land safely together in a net on some desolate island far away

  • Load it
  • They can stay
  • Remove the net

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david runciman has the most annoying voice in the world