If there was a referendum on...


I’m not taking this to mean stop all research tbh. to end the neoliberal university would require us to effectively abolish the university system tbh.

just completely redraw the boundaries between what is a university and what isn’t

combine all the universities into one body that doesn’t compete within itself and is independent of the government

transfer it entirely into public ownership and abolish all tuition fees


kind of spoils the point tbh :wink:


no way I have actually thought this one through!

If you don’t discriminate between people who were born more intelligent or had more opportunities then you can’t just employ people who are the most qualified as these will be the people with the more intelligence, education and opportunities.

  • Destroy Eton
  • Destroy Elton

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but then you’ll employ unqualified teachers to teach children who will learn less and then go into jobs as teachers who will teach children who will learn less who


yes you got it! :slight_smile:

No reason why we can’t all be participating in research all the time


A sheep is bam hard tacos


and that brings this thread to a close i think, thanks everyone!


What about the boat race oh I see


yeah you are right


plenty of teachers, academics, skilled professionals don’t need to be particularly intelligent though to do their jobs




Yeah go on then

  • All referenda must be back checked with each voter to make sure the voters agree with what the referendum thought it meant.
  • The results of the referendum are final.

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ah but it’s not particularly intelligent bud. now you’re discriminating

  • Bamnan State Media turns on Bamnan
  • Editor of Bamnan News has just tried to fax himself a coffee because he is woefully underqualified

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When the thread dies down I will be making a list of what new laws we have passed.


This is a fucking great thread btw, thanks @laelfy


Except money will still get you a better education as school selection will still be governed to an extent by economics (parents buying more expensive houses in catchment areas of good schools). The iron law of unintended consequences could mean that this would create two even more damaging tiers of education.

But by the same token I absolutely abhor private education so, y’know.


Seriously? AMAZING


have you timelined when you’ll be taking this to the Queen to sign off on?