If there was a referendum on...

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There really should be a Thread of the Week Award

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To quote Orwell:
“Some Bamnan are more Bamnan than others”


Immediate, no pissing around like these Brexiters


many people with state aid and resources and a bit of tolerance can be taught and gain confidence in all sorts of things. This is what we should be aiming for the break down the barriers of elitism in society. Seeing it as totally reasonable to help people who struggle at school to be doctors and scientists etc

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what do you think teachers are trying to do?


further the fascist agenda of the state


School places will be allocated randomly across the country, thus eliminating catchment areas and economic pressures thereof and equalising property values :+1:


this explains a great deal.


seriously though I have no idea how people can be teachers without worrying they are unduly influencing kids or if they really know enough etc

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if only qualifications could help them be assured that they’d reached a standard of knowing enough.


you can be a tory and a teacher though?


i can?

thanks for believing in me bam. i’m off to make my not fortune.


Decisions decisions hmmm
If I had to I’d go in the fridge…
although the fridge would be cold it would have food and drinks. The cupboard stuff would all be in tins too.


hey we’re all learning here through a process of mutual respect and collaboration!


quite pleased by how many people would reflexively vote xylo. those miniature dog hats are absolute campaign winners


I for one welcome our miniature dog hat overlords.