If there was a referendum on...


putting ketchup in the fridge makes it go all weird tasting (especially heinz).

Don’t give a shit what the bottle says


teaching & learning are not the same thing though

kids learn all the time & teachers teach some of the time. Part of what kids learn is when & how they’re fed bullshit from teachers - so it’s all gravy (as long as it’s not abusive and unfortunately a lot of schools are structurally quite abusive - even (sometimes especially) against the teachers)



that’s very true


wonder when I stopped learning things? About 23 I reckon


Haha wut


Nah, no one ever stops learning things!
Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets, did you know that?


No need to apologise, man.

Always appreciate someone interacting - I’d never expect to change someones mind (and wouldn’t want to really) but always good to hear intelligent peoples responses :+1:


New generation of bald white men not to be judged on the sins of their terrible bald predecessors

  • wax on
  • fuck off

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nope! Consider me learned!


the phrase ‘front line staff’ when used to discuss the NHS really gets my back up. Don’t worry that we’ve managed to maintain X number of doctors and nurses, you’ve sacked half of administration and management and so they have no sensible rotas, no supplies, clinics aren’t been booked appropriately and the water is cold.

  • Being a short person is now considered alluring
  • All tall people forced to wear a hat of a height equivalent to half their body length

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think I would like to be a bit shorter



Also: Niiiiiice


I don’t think you’d choose to keep it if you had a bit where you had a trial period of being a bit shorter


Already a thing


Flagging this as deeply offensive.


clothes would fit better, I wouldn’t have to duck as much, people would think I was cooler


How come?


69% B8RY



no as it’s not Heinz Cream of Tomato, or warm, so I’m not having it