If there was a referendum on...


Independent Yorkshire

  • yes
  • no

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Where’s the option for one country no division at all


same question but reframed as ‘exile/banish entire of yorkshire’

  • yes
  • oo eck

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Everyone gets a statue of themselves in a randomly allocated place. This would both revive our ailing sculpting industry, as well as raising national morale. Also, there would be a lot more money from domestic tourism as people would travel to see their statues and have their photos taken with them.

  • Fantastic idea
  • I wish to stand in the way of PROGRESS

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I prefer referendi.


delicious with coffee


The way politicians and the BBC speak about the UK you’d already believe it was the case :smiley:
“My country this and THE country that” sorry Teresa May your country is England.
Also think that option would send NI into a total meltdown and possibly radicalise the Scots :laughing:


That’s Lady Referendi to you buddy.


probably the best idea i’ve heard all year, and doubt it’ll be topped for the rest of it


This thread has to reach 1000 posts

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  • No

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On a serious note though the ideal for the world is obvs no concept of nationalism or of borders/countries/divisions and everyone working together in harmony to improve our world and our conditions.


This reminds me:

  • Abolish ALL titles
  • I guess we can keep professional qualifications like Dr or Professor
  • But I like deferring to Seb Coe.

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how will I know what film I’m watching?


007 in ‘Mr No’?


thanks for the edit


007 in? Mr? No!


Excellent post


Just gotta stop the Brits from being at it


On that line of though:

James Bond:

  • Keep him as the dodgy sexer he is
  • Time he caught himself on. Espouse womens rights and also promote safe sex.
  • They should make him bisexual - surely he could seduce and influence more people that way and be a better spy.

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The IMDB summary will be put up in place of the title. For example Raiders of the Lost Ark will be retitled:

" In 1936, archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the U.S. government to find the Ark of the Covenant before Adolf Hitler’s Nazis can obtain its awesome powers."