If there was a referendum on...




retcon Bond as being whatever gender/non-gender and whatever race will annoy the most fucking dull men called things like peter.


worried about the impact this will have on the sustainability of future juke ‘how good was it really’ polls


Haha yep.
Couldnt give a fuck about Bond but some very iffy people hold him up as a role model.
Remember them shitting it because Daniel Craig was blonde?
Reckon they’ll shit if someone of a different race/sexual orientation gets it. And I hope that comes to pass.


Jay Z’s laugh


Didn’t he allude to having sex with a man in Skyfall? Like it was subtle enough that the macho men weren’t bovved but imo Bond doesn’t discriminate :+1:

lol @ the fact that I’ve read nearly 650 posts of good philosophical and political discussion and this is the first thing I have to say. Standard.


Not sure, thats quite brave of them if so.
I know the villain was though(?) but thats unhelpful.
Saw it once in a turkey haze one Xmas.
Thought it was pants tbf.

Edit: hey its good input tbf. So he has a license to thrill (everyone!)


Saying “Holibobs”

  • No offence
  • Sackable offence
  • Custodial offence
  • Capital offence

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Along with:

Chrimbo, and
Wine O’clock.

I am, however, allowing the withdrawal of hostilities in respect of ‘drinkiepoos’ which I fully intend to force back into 100% accepted vocab ASAP.
This is probably a thread of its own tbh (maybe not).


Confiscate all dogs and replace with an equivalent weight of crabs.

  • Yes
  • Tory option

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@epimer to thread


Hey bitt, I am mostly agreeing with your points and you have convinced me that 14 might actually be the best age for suffrage, but the above statement is a bit exclusionary of several categories of disabled people and could maybe have been worded a bit better.


Outright ban on price comparison sites.

  • Yes
  • No

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Because they’re gamed and rigged and often rip people off.

The offer proposed in the comparison isn’t often what you end up with and there’s zero accountability for it.


Oh ok, thanks


also hump day




hhaha - was about to put that too. that article must have been in my subconcious


Arrrgh this is the worst.