If there was a referendum on...


sorry for asking - how would you word it better / make it less exclusionary - I’m not seeing something but would like to know what.


you’re right fl, that was really sloppy using ‘able bodied’ - sorry about that. It is I suppose a direct example of how my not having had a lived experience of a thing means I am insensitive to those individuals who have that lived experience every day, which is kind of the basis of the argument.

how should I have best worded it? Or how would/might you have worded it ?


Even children think it’s stupid.


I’m assuming because not all disabilities are about not being ‘able bodied’. Some disabilities are not physical/ physiological.


It’s like asking why people with disabilities should be forced to live in a world designed & decided by those who do not have disabilities?


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yeah, that’s definitely better but I wondered if there’s not a more inclusive way of summing up both physical and neurodiversity in the context of having to be forced to live in a society that’s structurally designed for so-called ‘norms’


100% inheritance tax

  • Yes
  • No

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yes, if it was backdated approx 450 years


Also @BodyInTheThames
It is a really difficult thing to word tbh, maybe instead of “the able bodied” I would have used “the more able” but I don’t think everyone would be happy with that language.

Actually, just read @UnicornPorn’s post and that is better.

The difficulties of language talking about disability is so tricky.


over a certain figure yes but then the mega rich will just get around that though various loopholes.


indeed, there is a term in Swedish which is only really very recently beginning to be used in these contexts

previously people used (and actually largely still use) the term ‘funktionsnedsättning’ for disabilities - literally ‘function reduction’ but ‘funktionsvariation’ - literally ‘function variation’ or ‘function diversity’ is slowly starting to replace it

there’s probably an equivalent in English but I’m not as sure what that would be


Second referendum on Brexit:

  • Leave
  • Remain

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was Jesus a

  • skilled day labourer
  • contract worker
  • perhaps even a managing contractor

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he built my hotrod, so…


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What was wrong with the first one?


Using the word ‘adult’ as a verb

  • Allowable
  • Slap on the wrist
  • Custodial sentence
  • Worse

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I love nouning verbs