If there was a referendum on...




This already happens in Singapore


Nationalise @boothyfearssatan

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Oh right, I just thought @sarahispi was asking if I preferred the fridge or a cupboard and I decided the fridge contained more good stuff.


earlier than most of the British electorate tbf Bam


Wait, is this about the joke or the lack of good apostrophe use when making the joke? ; )

(Ho ho)


Where is this from? That’s amazing.


shouldn’t be mandatory that they vote in line with their questionnaire but would be good if it was mandatory to do the questionnaire to make them consider their options a bit more


The People’s Republic Of Devon (President: M. Funkhouser)

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Please make the national anthem of Peoples Rep. of Devon this:


Only significant difference I’d point to is that (generally speaking) women are women for their whole lives, as are black people etc - whereas 14 year olds will turn into 16 year olds in the near future. So one position bans someone from ever having rights or participation, while the other ones just delays the rights.

I take your point to a degree, but in the former example it’s binary (women should be able to vote yes/no) whereas in the latter case it’s just a question of deciding what is the correct age on a sliding scale.


All future referenda/ums/usses require

  • Fully drafted white papers from both sides outlining the steps they aim to take if they win
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  • Minimum voter turnout to change the status quo
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  • A supermajority to change the status quo
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Are we talking about dis or the real world?



real world


I say no to the white paper thing because things change and if one of the things wasnt done the other side would be crying so much about it and getting the result annulled and wah wah wah Id rather see us slip into the ocean than go through that.


That’s why I said aim. It would be non legally binding but would mean that A) people campaigning for one side would have to remain consistent with their promises to various groups during campaigning and B) there would be some level of accountability when enacting its result.


can’t remember, saw it on twitter ages ago.

would be fun until a new tallest person came in and everyone had to change their shoes


The issue with your second poll - referendum needs a minimum turnout - is that it will split the status quo vote: you can either abstain and hope that the turnout threshold is not met or you can vote against the proposal and hope that enough people agree with you.

Minimum turnout is a guaranteed advantage for the side that proposes a change (e.g. leaving the EU).