If there was a television programme about the place you grew up

How many people would you expect to know on the programme?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3-5
  • More than 5

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We talkin’ personally or like the local legends?


I regret that my question did nothing to clarify the situation but wish you all the best.

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which place? … I grew up in several places

it was called shameless.

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Nearly all of them. It’s a pretty small village.

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There have been a few of them, yes.

I’d know a lot of the characters. Met a lot of people while working in the pubs in town.

Fuck it, I could write the programme! There’s an epic to be written about the family trying to buy every building in the town centre; the same family who ran a brothel out of the hotel over the nightclub and began their fortune by running a sawmill outside town.

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David Lynch and Mark Frost would like a word.


Can’t believe they based whatever that is on Clonmel.

What about those guys playing cricket in the Magners ad?