If tomorrow was your last day in a job

And you were accidentally forwarded an email that your boss (who you think is just a bit of bully) has sent backstabbing you and the team you work with, would you go back tomorrow? Am I over reacting?

I am going to need to see the full content of the email in order to make the decision as if it were me


Forward said email to the rest of the team you work with innit


kill jester

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I would go in but wear trainers!


Hell yes

Definitely go back in and enjoy the moral high ground for one last day


Another person was already on it, I’ll tell the others


and HR


Go back in for sure. What if they’ve bought you cake and that. Would you want to miss out on cake and that fopps?!

Yes, and channel Angela Basset in Waiting to Exhale

whereabouts in the back were you stabbed?

At my penultimate day of work in a cake factory the “lads” were discussing what they did to people on their last day - this ranged from daubing them in chocolate sauce to filling their petrol tank with sugar to molesting their girlfriend (not sure why you’d bring your gf to work on your last day anyway but hey ho).

I claimed a stomach bug and did not go in on my last day.

I would be in the not go in camp unless I felt powerful enough to call him out on it, then I’d do that.

I’d go speak to a lawyer about a tidy little constructive dismissal payout


Please can you give us more info, this sounds juicy.

A while back we sacked a god awful contractor who was really full of himself. My boss dealt with his old email account and found in the deleted items a draft of an email he’d sent to his personal account but addressed to our collaborators in the states. It completely tore us apart and said how unwelcoming and unhelpful we were to work with. He was either a fool for not deleting his deleted folder or knew exactly what he was doing.

Spend your day trying to get your boss fired.

Hopefully I have’t made this sound more juicy than it is but here we go.

Context, we had a long and arduous meeting with a new project manager about a piece of work being done with an agency. To do the work we have three options, we concluded that option one was best and would require less resource (which is a big problem here). We wondered if the agency had looked into it or not. The other options would a lot more effort but are doable and obviously less favourable. The manager was informed of this and said that we would do absolutely anything and everything to do less work rather than be concerned about the best decision.

It’s really annoyed me because it’s so far from what we were actually trying to say, we don’t think that any of this work has been planned or thought through and we were highlighting this. It’s also far from the first problems that we’ve had with the manager, they treat people beneath them pretty badly and I think that they are manipulative, intimidating and as I say a bit of a bully.

:open_mouth: What kind of company do you work for?!

Goodness me you must be relieved to be getting out of there

What have I said wrong there?