If tomorrow was your last day in a job

Is collaborator an unusual choice of word, or have I seen too many World War II films?

Edit: On second thoughts it’s probably just me.

Pretty common term in research. :woman_shrugging:


Am I over reacting then? It’s just like the final straw after lots of other things and pissed me off considering all the work we did to release something last week.

might be a bit tbh :man_shrugging:

perhaps it is my good ship/low about dis day then

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Yeah, I mean you should still let other people know what they’re like, and it’s a shitty thing to say, but maybe a tiny bit.

I’d be irked

Show the manager just how hard working you can be, by constructing an elaborate series of traps for them to fall into in the workplace tomorrow. Pull an all-nighter for it.

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You’re right, collaboration is a pretty dirty word in the companies I’ve worked for but probably not elsewhere.

Objection withdrawn yr honour

I can imagine it feeling quite spiteful and hurt for them to willfully misinterpret your reasons to approaching the way you did, and obviously them describing your work attitude like that is really unprofessional

They make a big deal about how they are so supportive of us but I’ve never in 15 years of work had a manager who is so unsupportive, feckless and is such a slog to work with.

I’d go and cause as much noise about this as possible, telling anyone senior that this just isn’t on, and a good example of exactly why you’re off.

it won’t be the last time it happens, I bet, and this manager is going to cause all sorts of problems next time it happens.

I think my sarcastic meter is a bit off, so sorry if you’re being sarcy and I’m missing it but it’s not the first time it’s happened. I got the blame for something that I didn’t know about a few months ago, despite having explained it to them several times, they kept telling people that I’d made the mistake

maybe I wrote things badly - I’ve been on conference calls all afternoon.

What I meant was that if this manager does do stuff like this, which misrepresents what actually happens, and pisses off all sorts of people along the way, then senior management need to know about it before it happens again, and you’ve got nothing to lose by telling them on your last day


Years ago I worked at a company where the owner was an absolute dick. His relatives all had cushy jobs there. One day I found a print out of everyone’s salaries and benefits. The relatives were getting a lot more money and had company cars even when doing the same job as a non relative. After I was “made redundant” (for being the only one to stick up for myself), I photocopied it 30 odd times and went around the building sticking them to walls with blu-tac before leaving the building for the very last time.

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