If war broke out


between people who like gherkins and people who don’t (neutrals just have to stand very still for a few weeks) who do you think would win?

I think the gherkin likers numbers might be limited but their tactical nous would outstrip the haters. Easy victory to gherkin lovers.


I think on pure numbers the gherkin haters would have it unfortunately


Scum. We can’t allow this to happen.


who has access to the nuclear codes?


I don’t think that would matter as the collateral damage would be too great. Like shitting in the wind. Unless they focuses their launches on the gherking homelands of central and eastern Europe?


I thought active gherkin haters would be the minority

Like people who might not add a delicious slice of gherkin to a sandwich they are making - but wouldn’t remove a gherkin that came in a burger


We’d be in a right pickle


gherkin haters are generally a positive because it means i normally get double, or even triple, the amount of gherkins in my burger cos people give me theirs

kill them, and you take away the fun of surprise gherkins


Well you just stand there and let them kill you then.


Something about Gerkhas


my tv removes slices of gherkin if they come in a burger. i add them to mine instead.

this war would tear us apart :frowning:


Not a single picture of Joanna Lumley with a gherkin on all of google images. What do we pay the internet for?


Yeah, I would have to kill my wife. I would give my son a stay of execution as you don’t develop your pickle glands until later in life.


When the gherkin lovers inevitably win we will be able to call the shots re: availability of gherkin images online. Presumably.


these are the best gherkins


Pre-sliced? I think you might be one of them…



  • Muster now for the Pro-Gherkin Army! The Cornichon Defence Forces need you!
  • Death to Gherkin lovers! Guerilla warfare against the great pickled satan begins now!

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We could all hole up the actual Gherkin!!!11 You know, the building!!!11 Also known as St Mary Axe!!!11