If weed was legalised in the UK a la Colorado/Washington etc

Would your smoking habits change at all?

  • No (don’t smoke, still wouldn’t)
  • Not really, might give it a go a bit more though
  • Blaze It!

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It seems medicinal marijuana is a lot, lot stronger than yer bog standard skunk over here and although it’d be nice to just go into a shop and buy it, I reckon I’d end up rationing that shit to basically the same levels I am now

What your reckon, burnouts?

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should have waited an hour and 19 mins to post this thread


I’m a busy man japerz

Agreed, don’t think usage would change much whatsoever. Something like 1 in 8 of uk adults are considered “regular” users I think, probably closer to a quarter of all adults if you could irregular use so it’s really hard to imagine some sort of cultural explosion.
I just think fear of weed and its effects on mental health is a real problem over here. I’m not saying some people aren’t great on it but it seems like weed is the fall guy for a lot of societies ills in this country.

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Well… I don’t really need to worry about it being legalised over the coming months…

Autumn harvest?
Used to be forced to muck in with that as a teen

Yup but yeah I used to smoke every day and then I moved in with my now wife and then lost contact with people I could score off etc so had almost completely stopped but would have carried on if I could pop up the pharmacy etc Then I took matters into my own hands.

Nah mate, I’m mad enough without it!

(almost certainly not)

thinking about it, I’m changing my answer to “maybe, but probably not”

Where would you buy it from if it did get legalised btw?


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i’d smoke more if you could legally buy thai, indica or hash. Really not into the ridiculously strong skunk stuff that seems to be everywhere, so I doubt I’d enjoy medical grade marijuana.


Did you go the whole hog with hydroponics and such

don’t wanna reveal a secret penoidy aspect here

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i live in a legal weed place and don’t think i’ve smoked this year

Yeah I’ve got a guy who does proper thai and I’d probably prefer some nice light hash to the stuff you’d get from a dispensary. I remember seeing a doc and they were talking about some weed infused chocolate that had the strength of like 12 joints. Who the fuck wants that?

Where’s that man? And do you just not enjoy it at all, or is it a problem with the stuff on sale?

would make a massive difference to my smoking habits if i was still in college. i’m a grown adult now though unfortunately.

the nether lands
it just makes me a sleepy, never enjoyed it that much. if I had a stash I’d probably smoke more, felt a craving the other day but it passed after an hour

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